The pharma industry stands on strong pillars, including cutting-edge science and technology, entrepreneurialism, executive know-how and a quest to improve clinical outcomes for patients.

This year, the PharmaVoice 100 reflects how the sector is refocusing on these pillars as the frenzied and uncertain years of the pandemic fade. And of course, the list cements our belief that it takes inspiring leaders in every facet of the sector to maintain that solid structure.

A number of industry challenges are still underway. Investments in early-stage science have slowed. A turbulent debate over drug pricing is threatening reputations and profits. And health disparities are still leaving many patients without care.

While addressing these obstacles, these movers and shakers have stayed true to what holds the system together. And our PharmaVoice 100 leaders don’t just get the job done. They often go above and beyond to break new ground in science, push for better access, strive to advance DEI within and outside their companies, and mentor the next generation of leaders. These are the pioneers who have given themselves to the cause of creating an industry that works for the patients it serves.

And while this year’s list demonstrates how pharma is leaning on historical foundations, it also reveals the emerging pillars currently being built.

These are the standout execs and trailblazers. The cancer care visionaries and rare disease warriors. They’re the clinical trial gurus and patient heroes. The tech wizards, entrepreneurs and commercialization pros.

These are the PharmaVoice 100 honorees solidifying the industry as it is today — while shaping what it can be in the future.

Editor’s note: Because the industry is so jam-packed with inspiring leaders, making the final selections for the PharmaVoice 100 list is never easy. Thank you to the hundreds of people who took the time to put forth the names of colleagues, friends, mentors and industry change-makers for this year’s list.